This Is How Much San Franciscans Hate Burning Man Now

Every year, San Francisco empties out during Burning Man week. Suddenly there are no lines at the cargo container ice cream shop. Nobody is wearing an “interesting” hat to make a statement about self-actualization. We are at peace. That’s why a group of comedians are crowdsourcing a Great Wall of San Francisco.


I think this might be my favorite use of crowdsourcing ever. It’s urban infrastructure satire wrapped up with an appropriate level of skepticism about Burning Man. Yes, it’s true that the annual apocalyptic art event started on San Francisco’s own Baker Beach, but it’s been a long time since the Barbary Coast embraced Burners.

And that’s why comedy group Cultivated Wit is raising $7 billion to erect a 300-mile wall around San Francisco during Burning Man. It’s all happening over at MegaGoGo, the “funding platform for large scale infrastructure.” When the festival is over, Burners will find that they cannot return. It’s the only way to end the co-dependent relationship that has developed between the City by the Bay and Black Rock City.

This is the best idea anyone has had since the MegaGoGo effort to redirect the Mississippi River to California.

And yes, in case it wasn’t clear, this is a joke. Created by comedians. You’re welcome, my literal-minded friends.

[via MegaGoGo]

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In 1999, I drove from Rhode Island to Burning Man to play solo synth with an astonishing group of people. I put everything I am into it, and I got more back. It was transcendent.

If you have something critical to say about it, and haven’t experienced that level of commitment for yourself, well… that’s a lot easier than what I did, and what all the amazing people I met did. Why not try it for yourself?

One of the women in my camp had a song on the soundtrack of Thelma and Louise. One fellow was a two-time Oscar winner in the technical achievements category, for a company you all know and love. It was the experience of a lifetime; don’t buy what any dilettante critic has to say without experiencing it for yourself.

And Annalee, this isn't directed at you, I've heard it over and over from people who have never been there, and WTF? What do they know?