This Is How People Break Their Cameras

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An insurance group in the UK just released statistics data on how their customers break their cameras, almost all of which are hilarious scenarios if you try and picture it happening. • 1/6 blame children or dogs • 3/100 run over their camera with a car • 3/4 drop their cameras onto a "hard surface", into water, or by falling onto it and using it to cushion their fall More stats on people who fall over: • 1/10 "fell over" when taking shots, "often into water." • 9/100 fall with their camera in their pocket or in their hand

One photographer reported: 'I was taking some shots in the garden. As I changed the lens I lost my grip on the camera. I tried to cushion its fall by sticking out my foot but ended up "volleying" it across the concrete slabs and down the steps.'


[Amateur Photographer via Digital Camera Tracker]

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@jkr's bold comment: I read that a Nikon's (of undisclosed model) sensor actually burst during shooting of an unattractive porn star.

Lower-end Casio cameras don't have warranty coverage for snapping shots of naked old people. No joke.