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This Is How Your iPhone 4 Photos and Video Will Really Look

Illustration for article titled This Is How Your iPhone 4 Photos and Video Will Really Look

We've seen photos taken by the iPhone 4 under optimal conditions, but what about real conditions? And what about videos for that matter? Thanks to some Czech folks who got their hands on an iPhone 4, we've finally got samples.


The pictures you're seeing here were taken by the folks of a Czech Site called jablickar. The original, full resolution—that's 2592 x 1936—images are available through their site and as is the original H.264, 1280 x 720 HD 720P video clip which has not gone through YouTube or Vimeo's compression processes.

Even if they're not quite as stunning as Apple's sample media, these images and video still show off the iPhone 4's new camera quite well. And it looks darn good. [Jablickar via MacRumors via Obama Pacman]

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Man, what is it with cell phone cameras and ridiculously blue skies? My old Mogul did it, and my new EVO seems to be even bluer. I'm sure some people tend to like that type of thing, but it doesn't seem particularly realistic.