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I want to live here. Spacious, sunny apartment, hard wood floors, glass and steel. Except that this is not an apartment. It's not even a building. It's the strangest yacht I've seen, as these pretty shots show:

Designed by luxury fashion company Hermes and ship-builder Wally, the $142 million WHY 58x38 is more floating mansion than yacht. Those figures stand for its peculiar 58 by 38 meter dimensions, which is unlike any other vessel in the world. It features solar panels that will save 200 tons of diesel fuel per year, as well as 3,229 square feet of windows designed to bathe its interior with natural light.

According to Luca Bassini, founder of Wally, "I think the best part of this boat is the stern. It's not like the usual stern of a boat, it's more like the real beach of an island; a beach which is protected from the wind and the waves, where you can really relax." You are so damn right, Luca. If you are reading this, please move it somewhere near New York so I can lease one of its six suites for a year or two (and be a pal and make that the 2,152-square-foot master suite, please). [Daily Mail]


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