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This Is One Ridiculously Over-The-Top iPhone Camera Case

Illustration for article titled This Is One Ridiculously Over-The-Top iPhone Camera Case

If you've come to rely on your iPhone 4 as your daily shooter, but miss the form factor of a real camera, Gizmon's over-engineered iCA case will convincingly disguise your phone as a retro snapper.


Made from 32 individual polycarbonate parts, the case includes an optical viewfinder, a shutter button that presses on the iPhone's volume button, a mock-lens with a mirror in the center for taking easy self-shots, a tripod mount, and even a non-functioning micro hot shoe. All so it looks the part. You can even swap out the included faux lens for some flat pancake glass, if you've got photographer friends to impress.

The case also provides a mount allowing you to use a miniature fisheye or macro lens with the iPhone's camera, so there's at least some level of added functionality when using it. But enough to justify the $65 price tag, plus $30 for a neck strap and $45 for the extra lenses? I want to scoff in disgust, but sadly I'd probably find it hard to pass up if I came across it in a store. [Gizmon via TechCrunch]

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Let's see, hold this like a traditional camera....and FAIL worse than the iPhone4 antenna your pinky then covers the lens....

Now, with correct actual photo mirrors and what not, you could 'redirect' the central lens over to where the iphone lens is....Still, what a horrible idea.

now, someone needs to take a decent camera and actually figure out how to fit it into a phone, that 'micro' lens bullshit really leads to bad photos so much of the time...or is that the person behind the device has No Idea how to frame and compose a proper pic???