The Navy definitely has some sort of super secret stealth copter, but given that it's a secret, we can't hope to know that much about it. It's no stack of schematics, but this clip from Zero Dark Thirty is probably the best look any of us civilians will ever get at it, at least until it's obsolete.


During the raid on Osama Bin Laden, Seal Team 6 went so far as to blow a downed copter into smithereens, so it's clear this isn't meant to be public info. And unless you're the subject of a Seal Team 6 strike, it's unlikely you'll get to see these bad boys in person. It might not be perfect, but the Zero Dark Thirty team probably had at least some leaked info about the raid, and their representation seems to square pretty well with what experts have been able to extrapolate from the wreckage. And 100 percent accurate or not, damn those birds are pretty.