This Is the Internal Dilemma Every Selfie-Taker Goes Through

As your finger hovers over the "share" button, there's (hopefully) an overwhelming sense of self doubt: do other people really want to see this picture of me in their feeds?

This video, by College Humor, is a vocalization of the inner torture that presumably most selfie-posters struggle through. It's equal parts biting, cringeworthy and hilarious—and well worth a watch. [YouTube]

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Let's be real. Anyone who actually posts a selfie doesn't consider it at all. The pic is either obviously worth posting ("Hey look, it's me with the president!") so literally anyone would put it up because it's actually interesting, or the person is so vain that they don't care one iota whether other people will want to see it ("OMG! Duck face dirty mirror shot!"). If someone stopped to think about it for even half a second, they wouldn't post tat type of photo. Therefore they're not thinking about it at all.