This Is the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

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These days, the sentiment of anyone who doesn't know how to code being destined to a life of homeless ineptitude has become a fairly common (if mildly exaggerated) one. But of all the ways out there to save yourself from a derelict fate, Jon Duckett's HTML and CSS: Design and Buil Websites, is, perhaps, the most beautiful, information-packed intro to basic web languages you can find.

Every page is filled with dynamic, elegant photos and designs that keep you interested and engaged in what you're reading—despite what might seem like an inescapably bland and tedious topic to the uninitiated. Darker pages are filled with simple images and large fonts to portray basic facts in a memorable way. And the lighter pages provide more in-depth summaries, often carrying shots of what you'd actually be seeing on the screen.


In addition the three sections in the hard copy (HTML, CSS, and HTML5), your $16 gives you access to the companion website offering code samples along with supplementary features and information. And though HTML5 was under production while the book was being written, you will still get a nice introduction to the language. (For those aching to learn more, Duckett's JavaScript book should be out sometime later this year.) And even if you're an old pro, the book should sill be a pleasure to flip through. [Beautiful Pixels]