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This Is the Sword Stolen from Lincoln's Tomb

Illustration for article titled This Is the Sword Stolen from Lincolns Tomb

This is the three-foot long copper sword stolen from Abraham Lincoln's Tomb in the Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois. It was there sometime in September (left) and now is gone (right).


The sword was brandished by a Civil War artillery officer on one of the four bronze statues atop the monument, which represent the four military corps during the Civil War: artillery, cavalry, infantry and navy.

Dave Blanchette, a spokesman for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, said this is the first theft since 1890, when the same Civil War artillery officer's sword was stolen. At the time, it was made of bronze, cast from melted-down Civil War cannons. The replacement was cast in copper. Now it's gone too. Way to go, assholes. Now return the damn thing. [Free Republic, CBSLocal via Drudge Report]


Large photo by Zol87, used under Creative Commons.

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