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This Is the Worst Thing About Voicemail

Regardless of how you feel about voicemail, I think we can all agree that this is the worst. I don't want to call up and listen, Android. Just let me dismiiiiiissssssssss.


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Whatever happened to Caller ID? Like TRUE caller ID? I remember my parents had a caller ID box on their landline, twenty years ago, that would show the name of ANYONE that called them, or the name of the business calling to telemarket.

Now that we're all using cell phones, except for frequent contacts that I actually bother to put into my contacts, all we can see is the phone number, and the city if we're lucky. Yeah, yeah, I get that there aren't public phonebooks of cell phones, but why can't it be an option to transmit your own name to anyone you call, so it shows who you are to people you call?

Even here at work, where I have this fancy Cisco IP phone with a big color screen, all I (or anyone in my office) see is the phone number... not the name. Even though we have an entire MS Exchange database with everyone's phone numbers associated with their names. No name-based caller ID at all - I have to refer to a big chart I have tacked on the wall next to my phone.