This is what a dress made of 3,000 cow nipples looks like

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At London's Fashion Week, designer Rachel Friere unveiled a dress made of 3,000 cow nipples lovingly stitched together into evening wear. Unsurprisingly, this dress went over as well as you could expect a dress made out of 3,000 cow nipples to go over.

According to Friere, this gown is an experiment in nipple recycling writ large. Her defense:

[The nipples] are collected from the waste in a tannery which works to incredibly high standards to ensure it operates as ethically as possible in an industry those on here would find abhorrent by design. All of the leather used is a byproduct of the meat industry and the nipples are a byproduct of that leather production. They are waste. They are not 'baby' animals which have been tortured, because if this was the case, anyone wearing leather shoes is aso a torturer, as bad as you see me. Their use is absolutely no different to any use of leather, the source is exactly the same. To specifically attack me for using the most narrative part of the animal seems strange when everyone who uses leather is doing exactly the same thing, it is just more abstract and therefore more socially acceptable. THIS is what I object to.


Apropos of nothing, it was originally misreported that Friere's dress was made of 3,000 yak nipples, which sounds way less déclassé. This could go extremely well with that lab-grown pig meat cabin.


[Via Ecouterre]