This Is Disney's Idea of How to Dress the Kids Of Fairy Tale Villains

Disney's brand new, live-action series about the spawn of all the famous fairy tale villains being let out of their hereditary prison camp, The Descendants, has released its first image. And now we know what Cruella De Vil's son "Carlos" looks like. Amazing. He looks amazing.

I've already ranted about my many, many concerns with The Descendants, but long story short, the premise is about how all the villains now have kids and they go to school with the kids of the hero characters. And they all have really terrible names. Maleficent's kid is named Mal, Carlos is Cruella's kid, Jafar's son is named Jay and the Evil Queen from Snow White (who doesn't have a name) didn't even deign to give her daughter a name. Instead they gave her a version of her non-name, Evvie. God, I love this show already.


The first-ever image has now been officially released via Disney showcasing the hot styles of Jay, Carlos, Evvie and Mal. Personally, I think it looks like a Kids Incorporated reboot. And I am totally fine with that.

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If there was any chance that I was going to miss this show, it is gone now. This show looks like it was conceived by the characters from High School Musical—not by the people who made it, by the singing tween characters who had solo dance tantrums in the quiet mountainside hills of a private golf course. OH MY GOD, DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE DANCING?

I love every part of this. I love that they are all have great hair, and capes, and leather—and Carlos appears to have a dog's tail or something sticking out of his back pocket, because duh fur! Seriously so in, in—1,000 times in. Also is Carlos a god because his mother has a car and none of these other villains were around before the 1900s?



There we go. Thats what was missing. Thats why they look like. Someone shop a moogle in there for good measure.