This Is What Famous Paintings Look Like as Raw Data

These days, you're more likely to see the works of great artists on a screen rather than in person. And that raises an interesting question: what are you really looking at?

That's exactly what artist Yousuke Ozawa wondered, and it forms the basis for his new series Data Visualization. He explains:

Art is now seen through google images or wallpapers. However, we are actually looking at a series of numbers and letters instead of actual paint. Through a generator I retrieved the codes of each paintings I found on google images and printed them out, framed and showcased them at a galleries in Tokyo.


These images—as well as far more over on the Data Visualization website—are the result. They're an interesting prompt to make us thing about how we understand and appreciate art in the modern day. And, perhaps, a cue to get along to a gallery a little more often. [Data Visualization via Neatorama]

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