This Is What Happens When You Light a Huge Pile of 40,000 Fire Crackers Up

The only way this could be more enjoyable is using 80,000 fire crackers in that pile. OK, make it 160,000 and I will be totally happy. [Thanks Karl!]


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When I was about 10 we attended the stadium of fire fourth of July celebration at the BYU football stadium in Provo, UT. They did 1,000,000 firecrackers that were set up in a frame dead center of the field. We were about 3 rows up from the grass on the 30 yard line so we were roughly 150 feet from the explosion. The firecrackers were supposed to go off in quick succession, they ended up going off virtually all at once. The firecrackers were set off by an 8 year old girl accompanied by then-49ers quarterback Steve Young standing on a stage 25 yards away - when those things went off he tucked the little girl under his arm like a football and took off running for the endzone (that part was actually pretty funny). My eyebrows were singed, my dad had his arm hair burned off, and the fireball shot about 400 feet into the air. I really wish I could find a video, but this was in 1990 I think.