This Is What the Inside of an iPad Looks Like

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Here it is, splayed open for examination by the FCC. At first, it reminds me of looking under the hood of a modern car—its core components are barely recognizable as such. Well, until you really tear it apart...


The first thing you see behind the screen is a somewhat baffling wall of silver and black; it's hardly the tightly compressed, carefully organized panel of circuitry and wiring you find when you crack open a smartphone.

Two reasons for that: first, in terms of hardware, this is essentially a large smartphone, so it makes sense that the components will have a bit more room to breath; second, that giant bifurcated black chunk, which obscures the rest of the internals, is all battery. More pics from the FCC rip at Engadget. UPDATE: And iFixit, for a deep-dive technical analysis.

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Pony Stark

seems that they could have shrunken that bezel if they really wanted to.