This Is What You See When You Crash Into a Mountain at 120 MPH

Earlier this week we showed you Jeb Corliss' brush with death, as he hit the side of Table Mountain while attempting a wingsuit jump. Now, the footage from the cameras mounted to his helmet is available—and it looks terrifying.


When Jeb jumped off of Table Mountain, he sure as hell wasn't planning to hit one of its outcrops at full speed. Sadly, on the way down his foot clipped a rock whilst he was traveling at 120mph.

As the video shows, despite the collision, he still managed to open his parachute. That alone is how he survived. You are a lucky, lucky man, Jeb. [Jeb Corliss]



Yikes, did the parachute even do anything? It looks like it barely even had time to inflate and he was laying in the weeds a second later.