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This LED Printer Creates Fleeting Messages on Photosensitive Paper

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Liat Segal's Confession Machine printer isn't designed for running copies of TPT reports at work, unless you're really making an effort to realize a truly paperless office. Because instead of ink or toner, Segal's creation uses an array of 16 ultraviolet LEDs to 'print' messages on a static surface covered with a photosensitive paint that turns bright blue as the printhead passes over—but only momentarily.


But why the temporary fleeting results? Segal's creation is designed to print intimate but anonymous confessions that have been revealed on various social networks. By making them public, it's as if the person is admitting to their mistake—so it's no longer hanging over the heads. And as the messages fade, it's as if the mistake is being actively forgiven and forgotten. If only the courts agreed to adopt this technology. [Sweet Tech Studio via Notcot]