This Man Crafts Some of the Most Intricate Ship-In-a-Bottle Dioramas You've Ever Seen

Throughout his entire life, Ray Gascoigne had a connection with the sea. He's worked as a shipwright, a sailor, and now that he's retired he still spends his days working on boats—just on a smaller scale. When it comes to the ship-in-a-bottle, Ray is a master craftsman who makes designing tiny boats that can slip through the neck of a bottle look like child's play.


By the time the sun's up in the morning he's already hard at work crafting a new hull, or perfecting the intricate rigging on a schooner. Kind of makes you feel bad that you had so much trouble just pouring yourself a cup of coffee, doesn't it? [Vimeo via Boing Boing]

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he's got very steady hands for an old timer.