This Man Ran His Business in a Blackout with His BlackBerry

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If you find yourself heading down to the Lower East Side to soak up some that ghost-of-CBGBs/Arlene's Grocery/Motor City, um, essence, and happen to also be in the market for a gorgeous custom-fitted suit, stop by SEW on Mott Street. Inside, you'll find proprietor Scott Evan Wasserberger, the bespoke tailor to the stars (and regular people). Scott, a lifelong New Yorker (well, Long-Islander) and tailor, will measure, hand-stitch, and personalize a suit for you.

One look at his shop, or at yourself in one of his suits, and you'll be as smitten with the idea of custom fit as Scott is. A typical day has him choosing fabrics, booking fittings, and occasionally alerting the paparazzi when one of his more famous clients comes in—not bad press, unless the famous client decides to throw a photog up against the wall.

Discover the BlackBerry® Bold™—the smartphone that inspired this profile—for yourself. And check back for more video profiles of the bold and fabulous.