This May Be Nokia's New Top Phone, the N8-00

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A 12MP Nokia handset has been on the cards, and if IT168 is right, the above blurrypic could be it—the N8-00, Nokia's newest flagship.


Good to see that Nokia's ditched the resistive touchscreen in favor of the (rumored) 3.5-inch capacitive, and like with previous Nokia models the 12MP camera will have a Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash. HDMI output adds to the multimedia weight of the device, as does the forward-facing video camera. It's supposedly running Symbian ^3, which we've been told previously will debut in the third quarter of 2010—maybe this N8-00 phone will be the first model to show up with the latest OS? [IT168 via SlashGear]



Nokia needs to decide what is their flagship. Too many phones in too many different directions. Too confusing for a consumer