This Mechanical Beat Machine Filled with Random Things for Instruments Is So Fun

I wish I could see more of the build process for artist Koka Nikoladze’s mechanical beat machines, but the little teasers of shaping springs and wires and wood in the video will have to do. In the end, the machines become adorably weird music boxes that are totally programmable and can “produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns.”


Who knew a plastic ruler, some metal coils, and other totally random objects could make good noise?


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The videos aren’t very effective at showing what the boxes do - both have too much sound from non ‘beat machine’ instruments to get a really good idea of what the sound of the box is actually like.

Not saying the boxes aren’t cool - I really like the idea, I just wish I could have heard the boxes - adding in other instruments and layering effects onto a recording can make almost anything sound good.