We're not sure what they've been pumping into the air at Fuji Xerox's R&D lab, but we definitely like the results. Following up on the robot printer that delivers documents right to your desk we've got another bizarre creation in the form of a telephoto megaphone that can amplify your voice but only for a single far-off listener.

Illustration for article titled This Megaphone Works Like a Sniper Rifle to Target a Single Listener

Made with custom electronics and a housing courtesy of a 3D printer, the Telephoto MegaFon is chock full of hardware and components that Fuji Xerox doesn't seem keen on explaining. Hopefully that means the company plans on eventually selling this creation that has you targeting someone far away using a built-in laser scope, and then whispering sweet nothings that only they will end up hearing.


It sounds like the perfect stalking tool, or the ultimate way to harass baseball players on field from the opposing team. [Fuji Xerox via Damn Geeky]

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