Surfing is a thrill but, depending on where and when you hit the waves, it can be cold. Really cold. Like, super cold. And there's only so much a wetsuit can do. So, in lieu of searching for an endless summer, this customized, completely mobile Surf Sauna is ready to warm you up once you emerge from the ocean.

The concept comes from a group of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, watermen who frequent snowy beaches as often as they do the local Port City Makerspace. Can you imagine pulling up to the shore with this hot thang in tow?

It's made of western red cedar—naturally rot resistant and antimicrobial, apparently—with marine grade galvanized and stainless steel that won't succumb to the harsh effects of constant exposure to salty spray and damp air.

You can rent one for a day trip, which sounds fun as hell (with or without the getting wet bit). Or, if you're feeling particularly flush, the dudes will build a fully loaded trailer for you complete with propane stove, mounted shovel, and hi-lift jack, for a cool $17,950. Steep, for sure, but definitely seems like something an Ex-President could afford. [Cool Hunting]