When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let me take karate classes—too violent. I ended up in tap and ballet instead. While I enjoyed my decade of dancing, I still feel a pang of remorse every time I walk by the dojo down the block from my apartment. But now, the new video for POP ETC's appropriately 80's song "Running in Circles" might just convince me to signup.

The video's about as cheesy as the song is. (FWIW I've had the song on repeat since it came out a week ago.) It's just some old karate footage—or is it kung fu or some other martial art?—overlaid with the song's lyrics. The end result might as well be a fan video. But man, does karate still seem awesome a quarter of a century after my mom said no to classes. It doesn't look violent at all.

Karate is a graceful immortal art, not unlike ballet! And when you put pop music behind, karate seems downright joyful, not violent at all! [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon]

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