This Must Be the Craziest Computer Den In America

Illustration for article titled This Must Be the Craziest Computer Den In America

OK, Mr. Redneck. Even if our computer rig contest is long over, you win. You got the biggest computer desktop of them all. And even if that weren't the case, that giant anti-aircraft gun says you win anyway. [Thanks Karl!]

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Gotta love all the wild directions the comments have gone on this post.

Let's clear some things up:

1. This is likely in JAPAN. Take a close look at the text on the screen. So much for the redneck jokes.

2. These are clearly all toy guns, though they are pretty realistic looking. He's just a geek that is probably hugely into Call of Duty.

And what's with all the whining about racism in using the term "redneck"? Are you SERIOUSLY offended by that? Some of the posts here act like it would just be another acceptable form of American culture to have a cache of real guns like this. Take another look at the picture. Is THIS level of gun ownership REALLY okay? Stop making America look like we are out of our fucking minds. Given that these are actually fake guns, all the whining seems even more ridiculous.