This Neck Support Lets You Nap Practically Anywhere

Illustration for article titled This Neck Support Lets You Nap Practically Anywhere

If there's one thing mankind doesn't have enough of, and never will, it's contraptions that make it easier and more comfortable to stop and have a nap—anywhere. Designed to replace those floppy neck pillows that never really work, the NapAnywhere works kind of like a neck brace, but instead of letting your spine heal, it instead lets you catch a little shut-eye.


At $59 it's certainly more expensive than the travel pillows sold at airport kiosks, but there's some genuine engineering and medical know-how that went into the NapAnywhere's design. It stays flat and easy to store when not in use, but when it's time to leave the waking world a few simple folds turns it into the perfect head support. There's even a strap that tucks under your opposite shoulder to keep it in place until you wake.

It seems perfect for flights, subway commutes, even long car rides when you're not the driver. But tuck the NapAnywhere inside a hoodie and you can keep it disguised while you nap through lectures, symphonies, or even the ballet. [NapAnywhere]



Well, that doesn't look ridiculous at all.