The New Steve Jobs Trailer Is All About Seth Rogen's Woz

Today there’s a new trailer for the other other other Steve Jobs movie, the one starring Michael Fassbender. But this trailer gives us the first real look at Seth Rogen as Woz... and damned if I’m not going to see this movie just to watch him.

Don’t get me wrong, Fassbender as Jobs is an inspired choice—even though he looks nothing like him, he feels a lot more like him than other Jobs we’ve seen before. The first trailer didn’t reveal much, to be honest, but now we’ve got a taste of what Apple’s story might be like with some Aaron Sorkin dialogue, Danny Boyle direction, and, most importantly, some Seth Rogen Woz. I got chills during the opening scene hearing him trash talk Jobs (“What do you do?”) This Steve Jobs movie is gonna be good.

[Universal Studios]

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Doesn’t matter how well Fassbender can act (and I have never seen a movie he was in that I didn’t like)...he cannot beat Kutcher as Jobs. The Fass doesn’t even look like him at all. It’s like Chevy Chase as President Ford, or Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter. WTF, man? It looks like David or Magneto was somehow inserted into a Steve Jobs movie as his stand in for an off-Broadway rendition.

I mean, below are Jobs and Kutcher (recreating the Jobs shot), and then a split of the two. Guess which is which. Yeah. I’d like to see Fassbender try and top that. (He simply can’t.)