This New Twitter Is the Best New Twitter Yet, Actually

Not really sure what’s going on here, tbh.
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Finally, it happened to me.

There I was about *checks watch* four minutes ago, just clicking on a bunch of Cursed Tik Tok videos on Twitter, while supposedly writing an important article about shady stem cell products, or something, and then... whamo! Just like that, I was using New Twitter.


I gotta say, it’s pretty fucking sweet.

People always complain about “New Twitter” every time there is a “New Twitter.” Remember when Twitter started “looking a lot like Facebook”? Or when things that had always been square were suddenly and disgustingly round? Remember when Lin-Manuel Miranda just up and quit Twitter because, hey, “Ya don’t add syllables to the haiku”?

But this new New Twitter is frankly the best iteration of Twitter so far. I don’t even remember what Old Twitter looked like. And just look at how easily I can access my favorite private lists.


And also... wait. Now I can’t see any tweets at all. They’re just gone. Seriously. Where the heck are all the tweets? “What’s happening?” That’s what I’m asking you, pal. “Something went wrong.” No shit, something went wrong.



Evidently, this is just a feature of New Twitter and not really, actually a bug at all. This avant garde New Twitter is quite amazing, I’d say. I’ll even go as far as to ask the question now that all of the hot tech blogs will be asking you tomorrow, even if I can’t tweet it anymore:

Great New Twitter or the Greatest New Twitter of all time?


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