This Pointy, Swivelling TV Was the 84-Inch 4K Flatscreen of Its Day

You're looking at the height of TV technology from the 1950s. Perhaps the most kitsch, retro object you've seen in a long time, the Kuba Komet was the 84-inch 4K flatscreen of its day - and just as expensive.

Manufactured in Germany between 1957 to 1962, this thing's giant, pointy, swivelling case conceals 8 speakers along with a record player, a radio, and a TV tuner in the bottom cabinet. There was also, apparently, an option to include one of the first ever tape recorders - and even a remote control.


It was over five feet tall, weighed three hundred pounds, and had a giant price tag to match. New, it cost $1,000. In 1957. That makes the $25,000 Sony 4K TV seem about right on the money. [No Pattern Required via Retronaut via BoingBoing]

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