This Portable Desk Is Packed With Power to Keep You Working Anywhere

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For people that find themselves working literally in the middle of nowhere, a suitable spot to set up office can be a problem, let alone finding power to keep things running. But the KANZ Field Power Desk offers a solution: it's a portable workstation that comes packed with power to keep your devices running.


The trunk-sized desk packs GoalZero lithium ion batteries and solar panels in order to provide 12V and 5V outputs for all your devices. The power pack built into the basic model provides upto 6 extra hours of power for laptops, but in sunny climes you should be able to keep going for longer.

The desk itself is made of Baltic birch and Marine-grade aluminum, and weighs in at 37 pounds. Of course, the thing's customizable, and you can add satellite internet, lights, speakers, extension cables and extra power packs—for a fee. Which you may not want want to bother with, because the basic model costs a rather hefty $2,500. [KANZ via Cool Hunting]


Joseph Aaron Scharfenberg

Well, probably triple or quadruple the solar panels, and you might have enough power to run an iPad at full tilt (10.5 watts). It'll need to be much larger to run even a standard laptop (45-70 watts), and larger still if you want those speakers, lights, and extension cords.