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This ​Private Catamaran Now Ferries Googlers Around San Francisco

The Triumphant is a mighty fine looking ferry. Fine enough, in fact, to be chartered by Google to move its employees around San Francisco.


Presumably a reaction to protests against all the shuttle bus services Google already runs in the area, the boat will ferries employees from San Francisco bay to Redwood City, California—about halfway to the company's global headquarters in Mountain View, California. The remaining 14 miles will be covered by bus, we guess. Or, you know, running, cycling, unicycling... whatever those zany Google employees choose these days.

CBS reports that Triumphant, which carries 149 passengers, and makes two Google trips daily, one in the morning and one at night. In its spare time? It's a whale watch boat. [CBS via Verge]

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Wait til the natives hear about this one, they'll be twice as jealous than the bus incidents maybe they will throw ricks again - life is so unfair