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This Reversible Table Is Perfect For Tiny Apartments

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you live in a smallish apartment like I do, you probably don't have a dinner table. You probably don't need one often—definitely not often enough to justify using the space required to store one—but sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table just doesn't feel right for some meals. What if you had a reversible table? Soon you can.

This reversible table was designed by kutarq studios, and is going into production later this year. Need a coffee table? There's a side for that. Want a dinner table? Just flip it over. Bam.


Now, some of you are bound to start whining about the posts (inverted legs) that stick up out of both dining surfaces. Sure, they might be weird, even if you use it as a makeshift coat rack, but when you're pressed for space, the weird-factor seems more than worth it. And the simple "flip" transformation might not be the most sophisticated, but it's damned simple, and will work every time. No hydraulics or anything to get greasy or break.

It may not be right for every home, but it seems like a novel solution to a problem many of us city-folk have. In short: man, I miss having a dining room table. [kutarq]