This Robot Defies Jesus, Walks on Walls

Hold on to the edge of your seat, boys and girls, because this here robot is poised to Blow. You. Away. Not only is it made of metal and rubber, in and of itself completely mind-boggling and on more than one occasion made me question my own hollow existence, but it can also walk up walls. So the government has been lying to us! I totally called this back in '47.

There's a video of this totally radical robot, like, walking up a wall. I could've sworn that only the Son of God could do that, but the Japanese sure do have a knack for creating robots with little actual, real world utility.


The Wall-climbing Robot []

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It's clunky...but heck, every day I walk outside the business district of San Francisco, I see workers on 40 floor skyscrapers cleaning windows. Take a souped up version of this baby and let it "crawl" the side of a building cleaning all the surfaces. Handy!