This Robot Helicopter Snipes Better Than You With an Xbox 360 Controller...In Real Life

Illustration for article titled This Robot Helicopter Snipes Better Than You With an Xbox 360 Controller...In Real Life

When war is a videogame, it's much easier to pull the trigger: Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System is a robot helicopter with a .338-caliber rifle controlled by the user with an Xbox 360 controller. [Popular Mechanics]

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I Think We're Property

God, I'm sick of all this stuff about "Oh no, telepresence is going to make it easier to kill because its just like a videogame! The controlling soldier will be so much more removed from his target!"

Guys, you realize that the ultimate in being removed from the person you're killing has been around since at least the 40s, with high altitude carpet bombing?

And, I mean, as far as using videogame controllers as a cheap way to provide an off-the-shelf control mechanism for your prototype- even putting aside all the stuff about how operating vehicle based weapons is already basically like a videogame, you realize that videogame joysticks were modeled after military flightsticks, and not the other way around, right, proving the inverse of this effect? If they were using off-the-shelf hobbyist RC controllers instead, this wouldn't even be an issue, but oh no, now they're "proving" that they plan on turning our legions of young Halo players into Generation Kill now that they've been trained on those damned murder simulators! I mean, pretty soon, the Army is going to build software to translate kills made by drones into an on-screen score counter, right!? THE KIDZ ARE SO DESENSITIZED!

C'mon guys. I'd expect that crap to still be coming out of CNN or Fox News, but you should know better.