This Robot Will Hunt Humans One Day Just Like Real Life Terminators

One day, I'm sure, a version of this robot will hunt humans through forests, swamps, deserts, jungles and cities. Watch it as it saves different obstacles and you will clearly imagine it too, even while now it's so slow. Give them a decade and the US Army will have their Terminator soldiers based on this technology.

It's name is AtlasProto, an anthropomorphic robot developed for DARPA by Boston Dynamics—the makers of Big Dog and other creepy robots.


In this video, the humanoid uses its "legs and arms to climb onto a platform, jump down, cross the 'snake pit', and climb steep stairs." And there's a lot more coming. The objective is to create a true human replacement. One that can't get tired and have extraordinary strength. And a couple of machine guns. Ten years, I say. If that.

It is just "a testbed for developing control systems and software for rough terrain." Boston Dynamics is going to create "several Atlas robots that will participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge next year."

Like one of the commenters say:

With every new video you guys upload I put a bigger EMP gun under my pillow.

[Thanks D4rKlar!]


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