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This Rocket Blast-Off Is the Farewell Your Christmas Tree Deserves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Christmas is over. Chances are you still have your tree up, but sooner or later you're going to have to get rid of it. Sure you could unceremoniously toss its naked corpse into the street, but you could also turn it into a crazy rocket. Then again, you probably shouldn't, but if you did it might go something like this.

Witness the launch of the XMS Mistletoe, big brother to the original Christmas Rocketree. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near where this Yuletide spear lands, or where it takes off, or anywhere near it really, but damned if it isn't cool. What do you say we replace all the New Year's Eve Giant-Ball stuff with an army of Christmas tree rockets? No? Yeah, that's probably for the best. [RocketChristmasTree]