Illustration for article titled This Rocking Chair Knits a Wool Cap While You Kick Back and Relax

Is there anything more relaxing than the back and forth motion of a comfy rocking chair? Of course there is—rocking while sporting a stylish knit cap you made yourself, which is made all the more easy with this rocking chair knitting machine.


Steve Zissou fans, you've found that centerpiece for the nautical themed den you've been decorating.


A spool of yarn feeds a geared mechanism on top that slowly knits a wool tube descending towards whoever's keeping it powered. When it's large enough for your noggin', you just need to tie off the top. It's another one of those art for art's sake projects that will at least earn a design student their degree. But as functional furniture goes, this one's hard to beat. [Ecal University of Art and Design Lausanne via Likecool]

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