This Rover Is An iOS-Controlled Spy Tank For Kids

Not to be confused with our beloved Mars Lander, this Rover is the AC13 Wi-Fi Vehicle with Video. It's a spy camera on wheels that both adults and kids will love.

The battery-powered Rover has tank-tread wheels, a front-mounted camera and built-in night vision. It's controlled by an iPhone or an iPad over a Wi-Fi connection.


The dual function camera sends a live video feed from the vehicle as its moves along its path and takes still pictures that you can share with your friends. And it can travel up to 200-feet away from you which makes it perfect for remote surveillance of your roommates or your sister.

It's available exclusively from Brookstone and priced at $150 which is reasonable for a remote-controlled vehicle. [Brookstone via Chipchick]

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We have played with both of the Wild Planet RC video vehicle offerings and this unit appears to be similar...

TRAKR (color) :[]

ATV-360 (black & white) : []

The one drawback of all of these RC video units is the MANUALLY adjusted camera...especially at the $100+ price point. We can overlook the low-res video, but not being able to control the up/down angle of the camera remotely is kind of a bummer. Adding that extra control would hugely increase its fun factor :-)

Of course, being able to use the iPhone/iPad to control the RC unit does make this offering superior in some respects!