Illustration for article titled This Santa-Centaur Christmas Decoration will Haunt your Nightmares

Ho ho hoh god look at it, looooook aaaaat iiiiiiiiit.

This glittery hellspawn is by Archie McPhee, and depicts Jolly Ol' Saint Nick as as half-holiday cheer-giver, half-horse. A Santaur! Just behold its infinite bizarre majesty:


Oh no, the spinning is even freakier. I have no mouth, and I must scream.

The 6" nightmare costs $15 from the Archie McPhee webstore, if you are a crazy person and would like one of these to be staring back at you from your Christmas tree this year. Please excuse me while I run away very quickly in the opposite direction from this thing.


[Laughing Squid]

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