This Scale Model of the Solar System Will Make You Feel So Tiny

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The Solar System is huge, man. You know this already, but this interactive illustration puts that giantness into the familiar terms of pixels. Prepare to feel like a small weak human.

This “tediously accurate scale model of the Solar System” by designer Josh Worth pretends the moon is the size of a pixel and extrapolates the size of the universe from there right in your web browser. That means one pixel is 3474.8 km so my 1920 x 1080 monitor is 6,671,616 km across. Scroll sideways for a while, Keep scrolling. Pluto is far! I had to stop for a drink of water on the way.

Scrolling certainly is an interesting way to perceive time and space, which is actually a topic Worth investigated in a blog post a few days ago on how infinite scroll is messing with our brains. You mean that we can use the solar system to help us understand the way that time and space exist for us in the imaginary place that is the internet? Yeah, man.


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There is a scale model of the solar system at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in DC. The sun is about the size of a softball; Pluto is over a third of a mile away.