This Scientific Coffee Machine Could Satisfy the Biggest Coffee Nerd

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This system of burners, pipes, flasks and gauges looks like it came straight out of a laboratory. In fact, though, it's a prototype coffee machine—and it could satisfy the technical desires of even the biggest coffee nerd.

The Laboratory Espresso Machine was dreamt up by israeli designers David Budzik and Adi Schlesinger. Its design aesthetic is clearly inspired by the contents of a chemistry lab, but it also uses science in the coffee-making process, too: it uses the Venturi effect to adjust pressures and relies on a bunch of complex thermodynamics to ensure water temperature and pressure are consistent.

There is, however, a downside: the thing uses espresso capsules to "allow use by beginners ". I can't imagine too many beginners buying this machine, though, so that design decision will be viewed as controversial by any self-respecting coffee lover. Still, at least it looks good—and maybe if it comes to market it will actually make use of real coffee. [Design Boom]