This Self-Powered Bike Trailer Frees the Lazy from Pedaling

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You can pretend you bought it for exercise, or as an eco-friendly means of transport. But deep down, everyone with a bike secretly wishes it was a motorcycle. And with this $700 trailer, it kind of can be.

While it looks like a regular bike trailer chock full of granola bars and organic groceries, you'll also find a compact electric motor and battery inside the Ridekick. So instead of making your ride more difficult with added weight to pull, it can actually push a bike up to 19 mph for around 8 to 12 miles on a full charge.


It's also an easy way to add an electric motor to a bike with minimal modifications. The hitch assembly only takes about 12 minutes to install, and after that the trailer can be attached and removed in a mere 15 seconds. And while it's easy to scoff at the $700 price tag while sitting comfortably in front of your computer, it will probably seem like a steal the next time you're laboring your way up a hill on your two-wheeler. [Ridekick via Inhabitat]