This Shattered Clock Doesn't Let You Know What Time It Isn't

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The Shattered Clock only shows the hour that the time currently is on, every other number is broken apart. It looks like chaos but the idea is to find what's important above the mess. Above is 3:55. Well, I think.

The designers, Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova, say the trick is supposedly finding the least broken numbers on the clock. You can watch the clock spin around in circles here. [Shattered Clock via design-milk]

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This clock is problematic because its extremely hard to tell the time when its near the half hour mark.

Example: your paper is due at 7. The clock reads 630.

you: Oh good i have 1.5 hours to do my paper (you read it as 530)

at 645, the time becomes more apparent

you: OH SHIIIT!!!!