This Ship Isn't Sinking

This ship isn't sinking. Or maybe it's perpetually sinking. It's "Love, Love" by Julien Berthier, a boat that's been modified to appear as though it's capsizing. Crazy. And thanks to a motor it still moves around just fine:


Berthier describes the sculptural piece as a "permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object." He's functionally and safely piloted it to harbors all over Europe.

The ship was originally a 6.5 meter yacht that was sliced in half and outfitted with a new keel which keeps it upright at all times.


But while Berthier might be OK chilling out on his half-sunk boat, I can't imagine that he doesn't at least leave a little panic in his wake. [JulienBerthier via Designboom]


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