This Silicone Rolex Watch Isn't Ashamed That It's an Incredibly Obvious Fake

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Any random person on the street could easily spot Shelter Serra's silicone Rolex watches as being obvious knock-offs. But that's exactly their point. They're cool because they're so obviously fake—not only lacking the famous sweeping second hand, but any branded markings whatsoever.

As Serra points out, the Rolex Submariner is considered to be "the ultimate watch of status" but her clever design pokes fun at it, and those who wear one to show of their success. In a way it champions the underachiever, particularly since they're being sold for just $40 a pop—thousands of dollars cheaper than the real thing. But if you want one you better act fast since only 150 are available in either black or white.


[Grey Area via Josh Spear]