This Silly Cellphone Contraption Will Probably End Up In the Skymall Catalog

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Earos is a cushion that seats between your ear and your phone. It "maintains a comfortable separation between the ear and the phone unit, which can emit an uncomfortable amount of heat after prolonged use," says the designer. There's more:

• In cooler climates, earos shields the ear from wind and cold, extending the phone's accessibility.
• Earos-equipped phones incur fewer scratches, protected by the signature padding.
• In reverse position, the earos pad acts as a display stand on flat surfaces, tilting the phone toward the user.

I don't know why I'm laughing at this. I'm sure that there's 10 million suckers waiting for this to be released on a mail-order catalog for $9.99. And when that happens, the designer will send me an email saying: "Who is the sucker now, smartass?" [Yanko Design]