Keeping a desk surface clutter-free is an almost impossible task for some of us, made all the more difficult by streamlined, modern furniture. But while this desk certainly looks sleek at first glance, beneath its surface are all the drawers you could ever ask for in order to keep your workspace tidy.

Put together by a small Portuguese joinery company called Wewood, this is called the BS 01. It houses eight different hidden drawers of varying sizes, designed to neatly hide away files, papers, planners—and there's even a drawer designed to be big enough to hold your laptop.


It's made of French oak and, perhaps more amazing than it's glut of storage, it's built without any nails or screws. That probably made it a pain in the ass to manufacture, which might go some way to justifying the eye-watering $4,700 price tag. Some way, at least. [Wewood via Core 77]