This Swedish TV show about an abducted sex robot is creepy as hell [NSFW]

I'm tempted to call it The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with robots, but Real Humans looks a bit more complicated than that. This TV show, called Äkta människor in Swedish, debuts in ten days, and here's the first trailer. Warning: Quite possibly NSFW, due to female robot nudity. And scenes of female robots being kidnapped and enslaved.


It looks kind of similar to the new NBC show Beautiful People, as commenter Stefan.Baron pointed out.

Here's the English synopsis for this startlingly beautiful, disturbing looking new show, which debuts January 22 in Sweden:

What happens when robots become so human that they can barely be distinguished from real people? When they can even be our lovers? Real Humans takes place in a parallel world to our own, in which people's lives have been completely transformed by the new generation of robots, the Hubots.

Created by Lars Lundström and directed by Harald Hamrell och Levan Akin, Real Humans is produced by SVT and Matador Films in collaboration with Danmarks Radio and YLE, with funding from Nordisk Film och TV Fond and Nordvisionsfonden.

SVT and Matador Films have also struck a deal with the Shine Group in the UK for format rights and international distribution of the series.

They're used as servants, heavy laborers, company for the lonely and even sex partners. But Hubots also create conflicts - within families, in places of work and among those concerned about public safety. Their intelligence exceeds our own. Are there any jobs left that are not best carried out by a robot? Can they develop feelings of their own? Can a Hubot harm a human being?

Leo and Niska lead a group of rogue Hubots who are fighting for their freedom. But Leo and Niska don't agree on methods. During an escape, Leo's beloved Mimi disappears and Leo leaves the group to find her. At the same time, the Engman family decides to buy a used Hubot, against the mother Inger's wishes - at first. But the Hubot addition to the family, Anita, soon wins her over. A lawyer, Inger soon begins to represent clients who support equal rights for Hubots. Warehouse foreman Roger's life has begun coming apart at the seams. His wife has left him for her Hubot and all of his human coworkers have been replaced by Hubots as well. Roger joins a resistance movement. Behind the everyday facade, a whole new world is coming to life.



Ah, Pettson. Best children's story ever. As with probably a lot of swedes, he and his cat practically learned me to read and write. ([])

As for this TV series, I actually haven't seen any promotion for it on Swedish television, but I'm gonna check it out, it is a rare genre in Sweden, we usually rely on series like this from the US.