This Sweeping Footage of a Drone Flying Through the Beach Is Wonderful

Seeing this drone fly through Venice Beach in Robert McIntosh’s Fresh Squeeze in what looks like a perfectly planned flight is just lovely. The drone zips through a bicycle, seamlessly slips inside handrails, pops into holes, and cuts through structures so seamlessly that it feels like the world is unfolding before you. It’s especially nice because it’s going in reverse, so you don’t see what you’re going to see next until you already see it. Uh, if that makes any sense.


The footage was stabilized with ReelSteady for Adobe After Effects and it makes a huge difference.

Here’s the raw, unstabilized footage where you’ll see the drone flying forward (the final, edited footage was reversed) and hear the high pitched whirr of a micro quad. Which makes it slightly less lovely:



So for the first time ever on Gizmodo, I’m going to comment and say, where is the reporting? I feel like this was a video I could easily see on the front page of Reddit. I want to know the type of drone, the camera he shot it on, how he set up the stuff, if he hit anything on any of the practice shots, etc. You didn’t contact him at all though. Why? It’s basically a rehash of what he posted on the video description.

I appreciate that you showed the “raw” version this time, because that’s rarely done. When it’s stuff by Corridor or DevinSuperTramp, they ALWAYS have behind-the-scenes videos and I have to find them on YouTube or in the comment section so thank you for finally sharing that, but please give us more info if possible on stuff? I don’t come here just to see cool stuff, I like to know how it’s done.

Sorry for my raging. I’m being worked to death right now and tired.