As the video capabilities of compact cameras and smartphones has steadily improved, we’re starting to see more video production gear shrinking in size. Edelkrone’s new Wing promises to replace a bulky rail and dolly setup for filming buttery smooth moving shots, helping to make your next YouTube video look like a Hollywood masterpiece.

When folded, the Wing measures just over 5.5-inches long, but it has a range of movement about four times that length since its two segments can fully extend in either direction while supporting a camera weighing less than 1.2-pounds. You won’t be using it to film tracking shots of someone walking by like you could with a larger wheeled dolly and rails, but the subtle movements the Wing can add to what would otherwise be a static shot will certainly enhance your videography efforts.


It’s manually operated, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping a battery charged, and it’s designed to always remain out of frame, even while capturing a wide-angle shot. Some may balk at the Edelkrone Wing’s $250 price tag, especially when you’ll also need a tripod and ball head to actually use it. But compared to the obscenely expensive production gear that Hollywood relies on, the Wing is a relatively affordable way to improve the quality of your own videos, without having to resort to sticking your camera on a roller skate.

[Edelkrone via Twitter - Stu Maschwitz]

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