This Tiny Articulated Arm Creates Perfect Camera Moves on the Cheap

As the video capabilities of compact cameras and smartphones has steadily improved, we’re starting to see more video production gear shrinking in size. Edelkrone’s new Wing promises to replace a bulky rail and dolly setup for filming buttery smooth moving shots, helping to make your next YouTube video look like a Hollywood masterpiece.

When folded, the Wing measures just over 5.5-inches long, but it has a range of movement about four times that length since its two segments can fully extend in either direction while supporting a camera weighing less than 1.2-pounds. You won’t be using it to film tracking shots of someone walking by like you could with a larger wheeled dolly and rails, but the subtle movements the Wing can add to what would otherwise be a static shot will certainly enhance your videography efforts.


It’s manually operated, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping a battery charged, and it’s designed to always remain out of frame, even while capturing a wide-angle shot. Some may balk at the Edelkrone Wing’s $250 price tag, especially when you’ll also need a tripod and ball head to actually use it. But compared to the obscenely expensive production gear that Hollywood relies on, the Wing is a relatively affordable way to improve the quality of your own videos, without having to resort to sticking your camera on a roller skate.

[Edelkrone via Twitter - Stu Maschwitz]


Theodore Bear

I don’t understand why sliders are so expensive. Is it just because people are using them professionally so they can charge an absurd amount?